I’m a Reference & Instruction Librarian at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. I teach, design, think, study, research, and share. Some of my favorite library-related things include:

  • critical information literacy, librarianship, and pedagogy.
  • diversity and inclusion in academic libraries (and academia generally).
  • graphic design in libraries.
  • improving user experiences of the library (both in person and online).

I’m also the co-creator of Librarian Design Share, an open online repository of interesting library-related design. I’m pretty proud of it.

You can find out more about me and what I do by reading my CV, or taking a look at my writing and presentations.


    • Hi Caroline,

      Which blog post are you referring to? The link you left just goes to the blog main page. I’m happy to share anything I’ve included in my blog; just let me know!

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