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In Which I Relate the Best Thing I Heard Today

I taught I really short class to a group of Econometrics students working on literature reviews at 8am this morning. It was early, y’all, and my coffee was taking a while to kick in. While discussing the importance of interlibrary loan, one of the students jolted me awake with this awesome bit of undergrad perspective:

Student: So like, I requested what I thought was an article through interlibrary loan and I got this like old Powerpoint. It was weird.

Me: Old Powerpoint?

Student: Yeah, like the kind on the see-through slides that you would read on the wall.

Me: You mean like a transparency for an overhead projector?

Student: Yeah, except this one was on a roll.

Me: OHHHHHHHH….You mean microfilm!

Student: Yeah. It was weird, so I didn’t use it.

Me: It’s not that hard to use. I can help you print out the article after class from the reader in the library…

Student: Uh, yeah, maybe. I don’t know. I think I’ll just look for something else.

In summary: Microfilm and microfiche = Old Powerpoint. No one wants to use the microfilm machine (not even most librarians, myself included). Don’t worry, we found some great literature for this student and my offer to print off the microfilm article still stands!


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