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What’s in Your Notebook?

I have a small steno notepad that use I take notes on at work. The usual to-do lists are always present, but so are notes from research consultations with students. I always want to make sure I understand their needs and research areas, so I scribble away as I listen. Recently I went back and looked at my notes from these conversations, and am so happy that there is no cell-phone tapping equivalent for said notebook. If not, I’d be, like so many librarians, on some kind of federal watch list.

Notes include:

  • race representation and legit*
  • what makes a government legitimate? trustworthy?
  • restorative justice
  • acknowledge harm!!! who gets to speak?!?!?!
  • terrorism and torture
  • anti-choice legislation and TRAP laws
  • who has a voice?
  • police shootings (murder or brutality or excessive force) in the U.S.
  • gun control and gun access
  • sex work* and legal*

What’s the most intriguing research request you’ve received today?


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