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Dogs and Books

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I last posted on this blog. My excuse? The little person-parasite currently residing in my belly (or uterus to be exact). I’m claiming total and complete “Baby Brain.” Since I found out about little boy-to-be I can think of nothing else other than birth plans and awesome footie pajamas with little embroidered ducks. Libraries have been placed on the back burner.

Strangely, as The Professor and I get closer and closer to meeting our son, my interest in libraries has been renewed. The difference: I seem to be riveted by stories about small children and libraries.

My favorite children’s literacy program of all time has to be the Children Read to Dogs initiative spearheaded by several public libraries, where struggling readers, well, read to dogs. The August edition of American Libraries has a great article about the Read to Your Breed program and PAWS to Read program at the La Mesa and Lakeside branches of the  San Diego County Libraries .  This isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is an awesome one. There’s even a Library Dogs website with links to various programs around the country. Check it out for your daily dose of the warm fuzzies.


  1. Miranda

    I like these programs, too. When I came across some random criticism of them, along the lines of “what a silly idea,” it occurred to me that a good analogy that most adults could relate to is singing in front of your colleagues versus singing to your dog. Some kids are really freaked out about reading aloud, and this seems like a lovely way to help them practice in a low-stress situation.

    Also, I just heard a report that some of the dogs involved in Michael Vick’s horrible dog-fighting ring have been rehabilitated so successfully that they are able to participate in reading programs. Warm fuzzies, indeed!

    (And don’t worry: the baby-as-excuse thing can be used well after you give birth.)

  2. freelancelibrarian

    Miranda, that’s great news about the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s awful dog fighting ring! There’s a book coming out about them called The Lost Dogs, and it’s all about their rehab and the great things they’re doing now.

    Also, as a follow up, a friend posted an article on Facebook about the Yale Law School Library circulating a little terrier to students in need of stress relief!

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