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Friday Oddities: Bonnet Books

BonnetBooksOn Wednesdays I volunteer at the Leonardtown Public Library (part of my “Stay Sane” 10-part plan). This week I was shelf-reading adult fiction, organizing crime dramas and chic lit, when suddenly I came across a book similar to the image on this post. It was an Amish romance novel! Intriguing, yes, but there is a sizable Amish population in St.Mary’s County, so I thought this was simply regionally popular fiction.  Imagine my surprise when I went to’s ShelfLife blog this morning and saw the following post:

Are the Amish the new vampires?

Apparently there is a whole new genre of G-rated romance called “Bonnet Books.” ShelfLife likens their appeal to the forbidden love angle monopolized by teenage vampire novels like Twilight and tv shows like the legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. As someone who just spent last night glued to the TV for the ridiculous Vampire Diaries premier, I think I might need to pick up bonnet book ASAP.

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