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When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Black orthopeadic shoes from Northampton Museum's Flickr photostream

I turned down a job this week. It sounds ridiculous: An unemployed librarian is offered a job in a library, and she says “no.” Unfortunately, it happened.

Without getting into specifics, I turned down the job because it wasn’t right for me. Yes, I’ve been unemployed since August, and yes, I often lament about not having work to keep me busy, but should I take any job instead of waiting for the right job?  It’s not a question everyone can afford to ask, but thankfully I can (at least for a few more months).

As a new academic librarian, I quickly learned that there are times when you can and should say no.  Jumping on every bandwagon can easily lead to burn-out, and it’s more important to do what you truly value than to do something simply out of fear for saying no.  I remain hopeful that my decision to say no this time wasn’t the wrong one.


  1. Hi Veronica,

    A number of years back when I made a cross-country move and was unemployed and searching I accepted a job that I knew was not a good fit for me. Big mistake…

    On my third day there, I gave notice, thanking my lucky stars I hadn’t rented an apartment in the vicinity yet! It would have been far better if I had listened to my gut and just said no in the first place.

    Kudos for paying attention to your inner voice and not taking something that you know isn’t a good fit. Everyone will benefit in the end. 🙂

  2. freelancelibrarian

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pete. I’m feeling much better about my decision, and your comment was nice to read when I was feeling less-than-thrilled.

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